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3 ways you can help

Are you a health professional supporting a girl who might be neurodivergent? Even if a diagnosis isn't part of the plan, exploring her needs now could change the path of her life.

1. Understand the harm caused by doing nothing

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-> 3-min explainer video here 

-> Watch our 'Believe Me' film

2. Think neurodivergence in health appointments 

It’s often difficult to spot neurodivergence in a short appointment - girls in particular often 'internalise' their autistic traits.  You may see girls in a health appointment for things like mental health concerns, sleep, eating, toileting and digestion issues or problems with joints. Sometimes these can be caused by unidentified neurodivergence:

3. Signpost parents to the NeonDaisy families website 

The NeonDaisy families website here has info about:

  • Getting comfortable talking about neurodiversity 

  • Helping girls realise that they are enough as they are

  • Places girls can go to find their tribe 

  • Building her self-advocacy skills 

  • Finding role models online 

  • Other resources, organisations and family support groups to explore

-> Visit NeonDaisy families site

What next?

​-> Read, print and share with other professionals:

Content developed with the support of the Specialist Autism Assessment Service from Sirona care & health.

-> Share the NeonDaisy families site here with parents and carers

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