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About NeonDaisy

We're a community organisation which connects and inspires neurodivergent girls to help them bloom.

We  won't rest until neurodivergent Daisies:

  • Know that they are enough 

  • Feel that they belong

  • Can express what they want and need to feel safe and well

​We do this by:

🌼 Cultivating neuro-affirmative spaces, led by neurodivergent adults, where Daisies can connect honestly with others and be their true selves.

🌼 Crafting resources to inspire ND young people and transform parents and professionals into stronger allies.

🌼 Nurturing an online community of over 800 local families who support each other.

Our neurodiverse community is at the heart of everything we do, and no diagnosis is needed to join our tribe. We're for neurodivergent girls, gender diverse young people, and their parents and carers.  

We hope, that through our work, we'll reduce the high rates of anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal feelings and the abuse risk of neurodivergent girls. 


NeonDaisy is a social enterprise CIC which launched in 2021. We're currently working in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

​About our founders

Laura Webb is an autistic mother of an autistic daughter. Having navigated growing up as an autistic female, she feels strongly about helping the next generation to find their feet (and a network of true friendships) in a confusing world. She wants them to feel confident about what a positive relationship or friendship looks and feels like, as opposed to bullying or other manipulative behaviour. With a Master's degree, she is qualified as a Learning Support Assistant with specialism in Special Educational Needs. Laura wants to encourage autistic girls to reach forward, to achieve their potential, and to follow their interests in whatever direction they feel passionate about.  

Amy Holgate is committed to telling new stories that raise awareness about neurodiversity and crafting unforgettable content that helps young people, families and professionals. Amy is a communications and content specialist. For 20 years she's helped NHS and public sector organisations, charities and companies engage stakeholders through digital media and storytelling.

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