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Our partners

Our resources are new and they are continually evolving in response to feedback from our neurodiverse community of families and local professionals. 

The content on this site has been developed in collaboration with neurodivergent adults, but it does not attempt to represent the experience of all neurodivergent people.


It has been developed with the support of the Specialist Autism Assessment Service from Sirona care & health, an NHS community provider in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. However, the content here does not represent medical advice. 


Our neurodiversity consultant, is Suzan Issa (BS, PGCE, Msc), creator of Raising a Wild Child. Suzan is a neurodiversity specialist, family therapist and advanced therapeutic NVR Practitioner. She has also been a SENCO and a head teacher. She’s been commissioned previously by several local authorities to train SENCOs and provide consultancy. She is also autistic with ADHD and PDA. Suzan’s ideas and philosophy run through much of the content on this site, and our families website here.

We rely on our community to help us shape the content we provide. If you have any feedback on our resources that you'd like to share, please get in touch with us.

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