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"The loneliness is killing her"

Are you a professional supporting a neurodivergent girl?

Neurodivergent girls often miss out on support because they look like they are 'doing ok', when actually they're not. 


Often they're internalising their traits to to fit in socially or to stay safe. So they can come across as quiet, articulate and keen to ‘do the right thing’.


Suppressing your traits like this can cause serious harm to your mental health. It’s exhausting, isolating and can lead to anxiety, depression and trauma. It’s also a risk marker for suicide. 


Also, when you’ve spent lots of time pretending to be someone else, it's easy to forget who you really are. It's harder to express your own wants and needs. And harder to keep yourself safe.

We know that neurodivergent girls can bloom if they:

  • Are believed when they express what they need

  • Know that they are enough as they are

  • Feel that they belong

So even if a diagnosis isn't part of the plan, exploring her needs right now could save her life.


Why it matters

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